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Stara Foods is an international food company founded in 1984 supplying fresh & frozen chicken, turkey, duck and other food ingredients to the European manufacturing, wholesale & catering markets.

About Us

The company works closely with non-competing partners of raw materials to supply a full range of raw, fresh or frozen poultry cuts in mixed pallet quantities, right up to full trucks or containers. Often achieved with "just-in-time" deliveries across much of Europe, benefiting both the customer's and supplier's stock control systems.

The business offers a fantastic depth of knowledge in all the key European languages with the specialists that it employs. The experience of the key members of the team stretches to a cumulative total in excess of 100 years ! in all aspects of the food chain: sourcing, rearing, production, logistics, sales, storage, marketing & trading.

We work by finding the right product, at the right price, at the right time and work as partners & advisors to both suppliers & customers. We have a flexible approach to the relationship and can purchase and sell products in our own right or act as commission agents if required.

The business has operations in the Netherlands and the UK.

Hens Grillers for industry. Light, heavy and breeders. Ovenready in polybags, for export and retail
Cockerels Heavy
Giblets For human consumption or petfood
Wings 3-joint, for export
Fat Melted, in polyblocks or pails, with or without anti-oxidant
Chicken stock In various concentrations
Hen meat Cooked, boneless, skinless, whole pieces or cubes, various specifications available
Hen fillets Boneless, skinless
Hen leg meat Boneless, skinless
Hen legs With or without backbone
Chickens Chickens for industry or export
Wings Wings for industry or export
Legs With or without backbone
Drumsticks Various specifications
Thighs Various specifications
Breasts Fillets, with or without skin, calibrated, IQF, bulk etc.
Innerfillets For industrial use
Thigh and legmeat For industrial use
Ground chicken meat Various specifications, for industrial use
Giblets For industrial use or export
Chicken MDM For industrial use or export
Chicken fat For industrial use
Cooked chicken meat Various specifications, whole pieces, cubes or fines
Trimmings From breast, thigh or carcass
Turkeys Grillers or ovenready
Wings 3-joint, 2-joint, primewings, midwings
Drumsticks Various sizes
Thighs Various sizes
Legs Various sizes
Fillets Single or butterfly, with or without skin
Wingmeat With or without skin
Thigh- or legmeat For industrial use
Medaillons For industrial use
Breast chunks or trimmings For industrial use
Neckmeat Very lean, for industrial use
Drumstick meat Ground, 3 or 5 mm.
Ground breast meat 3 mm.
Gizzards Clean, for human consumption
Liver and/or hearts For human consumption or petfood
Tails For export
Turkey MDM Various specifications
Cooked turkey meat Various specifications, whole pieces or cubes
Trimmings Various specifications

Duck: Whole duck, breast, legs, further processed and cooked.

Pork: Ribs, Collars, trimming, fat.

Specialised dry food ingredients : Cashew, ground nut, herbs & spices.

Formed in 1984 under the previous name of "Chic-o-Stara Pluimvlees B.V." the company became established in the technical sector of cooked and further processed hen meat which was supplied to all the major European food manufacturing companies. Who in turn produced soups and cooked products for retail.

At that time, the business had its own cooking factories in Holland and the UK but as the food business evolved and the poultry industry consolidated, the manufacturing side was sold and the business moved away from production and into sourcing and selling through strategic partnerships with larger European producers.

The product range that the business now supplies continues to be poultry based but in 2015 the name "Chic-o-Stara Pluimvlees B.V." was shortened and made more user friendly and at the same time, took the opportunity to re-brand and thus "Stara Foods B.V." was born.

In addition, the business moved into the supply of fresh and frozen raw chicken, turkey, duck and other products by working with their established customer base and bringing in trusted and professional partners in those disciplines.

The company changed hands in the mid 2000’s due to the retirement of the original owner and was succeeded by Henk de Fluiter (Jnr) who was the General Manager at the time and who now continues to own and run the operation. Henk is the son of Mr. Henk de Fluiter (Snr) who was a well known ‘name’ in the food business and a well respected pioneer of the Dutch food trading business from the 1970’s until he died in 2016.

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